Republican Party Meeting to Vote for the 4th Congressional District of Texas Candidate

What do the Director of National Intelligence, a flying object and District 4 of Texas have in common? 

Former Texas Representative John Ratcliffe is from District 4 of Texas and has been appointed to serve as the Director of National Intelligence in the Trump administration. A proud day for Texans! John Radcliff was sworn in on May 26th 2020. Allied Data Industries (ADI) will help with the transition to a new District 4 representative. Since the COVID-19 outbreak many challenges have arisen and selecting the replacement at the Civic Center of Hopkins County for Ratcliffe is no exception.

Donnie Wisenbaker, the temporary Chairman of the Congressional District Executive Meeting for CD 4 decided it is paramount to provide live streaming for those that are unable to attend or are at high risk this Saturday, August 8th at 9AM. Allied Data Industries (ADI) excels in streaming technology. “We were very excited to be selected and given the opportunity to work with Donnie Wisenbaker and the people operating the Hopkins County Civic Center to provide this service,” says Howard W. Gee, President of ADI. “One of our most important staff members actually lives in the Sulphur Springs area, and this allows us to help the local community in the way we know best!”

So what about that flying object, you say? ADI provides live video monitoring using drones that fly ALL DAY, or even several days WITHOUT LANDING! The live video feed can be viewed from any internet-connected, authorized phone or computer, putting it over the top using today’s high-speed infrastructure. It’s perfect for land development, construction, roofing or secure live monitoring around a school campus.

ADI will be providing the production services needed to ensure the local event is accessible from anywhere online and may even fly all day just outside the Civic Center for demonstration of a new Texas technology and services company.

Put ADI to work for you on any short term or long term project you want to see live from anywhere across the nation. Stream securely direct to your phone or office or share the link to anyone that needs access. Check on progress, see who’s on-site, material delivery, crew safety and so much more.

ADI can be found at Call 214-810-4427 or email anytime.

Also, take a look at the ADI website ( about the upcoming event Thursday, Sept 24th for a great charity, special guest, music and info on how to help smash the fundraiser goal! 

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