Republican Party Monthly Meeting August 7, 2021

Hopkins County Republican Party would like to invite you to attend our August 7th meeting to be held at Pioneer Cafe, 307 Main Steet, Sulphur Springs.

Time will be 8:00 am and a covered dish breakfast will be served.

Our guest speaker will be Troy Jackson, PHD.

The Persistent Happy Warrior
Proud American | Father | Pastor | Commentator | Author | Political Activist | Motivational Speaker | Physical Security Consultant

Troy Jackson, PhD, founder of courageous conservatism, an online network dedicated to providing Information that educates to create a Biblical World View in the political arena with a weekly Podcast available on iTunes & Spotify.

Troy holds his PhD in Theology and Apologetics, a Masters in Crisis Counseling, and is currently pursuing a BS in
Communications. He works to educate on the issues that Americans are mis-informed about so that they can begin to
hold their political representatives accountable to represent them as they are elected to do. Troy holds multiple degrees, yet gives no credit to his degrees for his success but credits God, personal relationships, and life experience.

He sits on the board of various local and national organizations, such as the being the Chairman of the SD 23 Conservative Coalition, he is the SW Dallas Republicans President, and he is a true grassroots activist, serving Texas with a phenomenal ground effort that inspires, and activates others to share and vote their Biblical values.

Troy has served on various political campaigns and has been deemed the persistent Happy Warrior by Texas Scorecard.
“Without vision, people perish.”

If you are interested in being part of the solution, come join us and enjoy the fellowship, food and conversation.

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