Urgent Request

Hello Party and Club leaders,

    I have good news and I have bad news; The good news is the weather is

cooling down and more volunteers are starting to get engaged in the

block walking efforts.  The bad news is that Republicans are way behind

the democrats in this effort.  More bad news is that the statewide races

are way too close for us to sit on the sidelines any longer.

  In case you haven’t heard or seen the polls,  Beto is 7 points behind

Gov. Abbott, the AG race show the Democrat tied with Ken Paxton,  The

Lt. Gov race shows the Democrat within 1 or 2 points from Dan Patrick,

The Railroad commissioners race for Wayne Christian and the democrat is

a 44%-40%. are you comfortable with numbers?  I am not.   Even though we

are in a RED area of the State,  it’s our job to make sure we have high

voter turnout to counteract the liberal votes in the Metropolitan areas.

  I am telling you firsthand that we have Republican (Huffines & West)

voters that are saying they’re not going to vote because they don’t

support Gov. Abbott.  we all know that thinking only helps Beto and the

other socialist.   More good news is….. I have a way that EVERYONE can

help.  If you are a precinct Chair for your county, it’s your duty to

work your precincts.  We need Voter registration drives set up and more

importantly, doors knocked on to have a face-to-face conversation with

targeted voters.  Team Abbott is reaching out to Swing, Independent ,

undecided, and soft Democrat voters.  We cannot do this without your


  Please commit to working in your neighborhood and/or surrounding areas.

  you can go out weeknights at 4–8p is prime time to catch folks’ home,

  Saturday mornings are the best, 10a-1p and even Sundays at a 2–6-time

frame.  I cannot sound the alarm any louder than right now.   I will set

up an account for you on the Advantage mobile app and assign whatever

area you request.  If you want to organize groups to go together, even

better.  I can set up zoom trainings to get everyone trained on the app.

  If you are not able to walk, maybe you can drive volunteers around, or

be a host for a group to meet at your house and walk in your

neighborhood.   No county is too rural to knock on doors.  I know I’ve

walked every one of them. Time is wasting,  I’m ready to sign you up and

get you out the door.   Please email me at [email protected] or

call 678.977.1833 and I will send you everything you need.   Thank you

for taking on the role of a leader in SD1 and your counties,  now it’s

time for Leaders to LEAD!

In Victory,

Rhonda Anderson

Director of Grassroots Engagement

Texans for Greg Abbott

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