Meet your Hopkins County Republican Party Precinct Chairs

Precinct 1 Jim Thompson

Lutheran Church

Jim Thompson, now retired and the Precinct Chair for Hopkins County voting precinct #1, has lived in Sulphur Springs for over 57 years. He is married to JoBeth Williams Thompson (for over 42 years!). Jim is a Christian, and a Constitutional Conservative. He is an honors graduate of Sulphur Springs High School and earned his Bachelor of Science degree at East Texas State University in Radio/TV/Journalism, then later returned to Texas A&M University-Commerce and earned a Master of Science in Educational Technology & English, including some work toward a doctorate in English. He served as an adjunct professor of English for Paris Junior College for a while in his spare time.

Jim is currently the Secretary of the Hopkins County Republican Party County Executive Committee, served an elected 3-year term as a member of the Sulphur Springs City Council, then later served an elected 4-year term as Hopkins County Treasurer. He has been involved in the political process for about 40 years locally and has worked as a volunteer on a great many local campaigns, and as a paid staff member on 3 GOP Congressional campaigns (2 of which were successful!). He worked for 2 different State Representatives as their District Director. Jim has attended at least 4 State GOP Conventions as a delegate or alternate.

Jim is an active member of League Street Church of Christ, spent years actively supporting the efforts of the nursing home ministry, and personally taught the Senior Adult Sunday morning bible class for 13 years. Jim now serves as the US fund-raising coordinator on behalf of Sonrise Christian High School in Ho, Ghana, West Africa. He also actively participates in the local Alzheimer’s Support Group.

Jim served as a Board Member of the Hopkins County Veterans Memorial Committee, was a Board Member/President of the Hopkins County Dairy Festival, currently serves on the Lakes Country Crime Stoppers Board of Directors, and is active in the Sulphur Springs Kiwanis Club (having served most recently for 3 years as the Club Secretary). He founded and directed the Miss Sulphur Springs Scholarship Pageant years ago, and is a proud member of the Ambassador Fletcher Warren Chapter of the Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. During the hey-day of the Dairy Festival Parade float competition, Jim designed and built many championship-award-winning floats.

You can reach Jim by phone at 501-777-5468 (Please leave a message if I can’t answer!)

You can email Jim at [email protected]

You can mail Jim at P.O. Box 1295, Sulphur Springs TX 75483-1295

Jim’s motto for governmental matters is: LESS government & MORE opportunity!

Voting precinct 1

Precinct 1 Republican Chair is Jim Thompson

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Precinct 2 Vince Palumbo

Factory Stores/Outlet Mall

We purchased our land in 1996, raised cattle on our acreage, lived an hour away, but had to make the decision to move when diesel fuel was approaching $5.00 a gallon.  Back then our county had over 500 dairies, and numerous large cattle herds.  We were primarily an agriculturally related county.  We’ve seen the ups and downs of the county growth.  It’s a great place to live and raise a family in the traditional foundational beliefs of our nation and our state.  We still claim those beliefs.

Today, October 2023, our nation is in the throes of blatant, in-your-face, immoral, and unethical behavior, not to mention what has happened to our national debt issue that is about to be left to future generations, just to prove it can be done and the general public won’t try to stop it.

Prior to the national conditions we face today, our social security savings funds and our military were second to none.  Social Security is about depleted with only IOU’s remaining.  Our military professionals have managed to keep our country great. Our elderly are in trouble.

Through it all our military is still second to none – boots on the ground, ships at sea, in the air and technologically.  While national leaders are debating defunding law enforcement and other vital agencies, we struggle to keep all safe locally in America. 

Our national leadership is moving closer and closer to socialism as each day progresses.  Our founders would no longer recognize what we’ve become. 

There are abusers in every profession known to humanity.  Many professions committed to do what they are supposed to do to stop what’s happening are not policing themselves, and therefore gain the reputation of the abusers. 

Vince Palumbo

My biggest issues are the protection our Military, Education and Justice Systems. All are being heavily abused by outsider influences, and all relate to the masses as heavily influenced generations.  Both are under heavy attack today, thanks to the abusers.  Just like church, not everybody is a true believer in the very basics of moral and ethical behavior – but how do you recognize those that are not.

Easy!  Keep them accountable by watching and understanding their actions.  The elected officials need to be kept morally and ethically accountable.  Too often there are abuses and compromises.  That’s not the way it is supposed to be.  Let each issue stand on it’s own.  The people judge themselves by the choices we make.  Keep them straight. 

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Voting Precinct 2 map

Precinct 2 Republican Chair is Vince Palumbo

Precinct 2A Karon Weatherman

Senior Citizens Building

Karon Weatherman has led a fulfilling life surrounded by family, faith, and community involvement.

From her roots in Mesquite, Texas to her contributions in Sulphur Springs, she has touched many lives through her work, both in her own business and through her service at the Senior Citizen Center.

The awards she received are a testament to her dedication and commitment to making a positive impact on her community.

  • Family clearly plays a central role in her life, and it’s heartwarming to see how their family has grown and evolved over the years.
  • Her current role at Murray-Orwosky Funeral Home, as well as her hobbies and affiliations, further highlight her dedication to the community and her varied interests.
  • Karon is a pillar of strength, dedication, and love for her family and community.

Karon is currently involved in our community.

  • Business Owner J & K Construction** (Since 1993)
    • Charter Member of the Bright Star Republican Women
    • Hopkins County Republican Chair voting precinct 2A
Voting Precinct Map 2A
Map of voting Precinct 2A

Precinct 2A Republican Chair is Karon Weatherman

Precinct 3A John W. Allen, DVM    

Served as Hopkins County Republican Precinct 3A Chairman for 14 years.

Attended numerous State Republican conventions and as delegate to the National Republican Convention in Tampa 2012.

I grew up on a small family farm in the far west Texas town of Van Horn Semi-retired equine veterinarian having practiced in Sulphur Springs for 33 years.

Texas A&M class of 1969.

Instructor at Texas Tech, Assistant Professor at University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M Commerce.

Served in the US Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard for 13 years as a Veterinary Officer.

My wife of 52 years, Carol, has been the founding director of Northeast Texas Choral Society for the last 25 years. My three children all graduated from SSHS and attended Texas A&M College Station.

I hold strong conservative opinions and values on both fiscal/economic and social issues.

I’m very concerned about the political direction / pathway for our beloved Texas and USA right now.  We fellow Republicans need to realize that many of our constitutional rights and freedoms are in danger in this present political climate. If you live in Pct 3A and you want to help or just be informed and involved, you may contact me.

John Allen Photo

Contact: Text or call 903 439 5542. Email [email protected]

Precinct 3A Maps
Map of Voting precinct 3a

Precinct 3A Republican Chair is John Allen DVM

Precinct 16 Daniel Bobay

Miller Grove School

Daniel Bobay Precinct 16 Chair

•I am 68 years old.
•I have been a Republican all my life.
•Born in Indiana, lived in California and moved to Texas in 2019.
•Served as elected school board member In the Milpitas Unified School District for 10 years and Silicon Valley Career Technical Education Center for 8 Years.
•I have run several political campaigns and have been instrumental in impacting my community in many ways including campus security and partnering with a community college to build an extension across the street from the high school. 
• Lobbied in Sacramento for continued funding for career tech centers. Also rallied citizens to city hall to build a much-needed elementary school where none had been planned by the redevelopment agency now known as Mabel Mattos Elementary.  

I am here as your precinct chair to be your liaison between the Republican candidates and the voters. 
Anything I can do to get you face-to-face with voters (if you are a candidate) or get candidates to speak to your group please let me know.
Thank you for looking us up and I look forward to speaking to you in person.
Do not hesitate to give me a call or send me a text message.  

Daniel Bobay

Sincerely,   Daniel Bobay  

Contact me at home 903-485-8600

E-mail me at [email protected]

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Hopkins County Voting Precinct 16 map
Hopkins County Voting Precinct 16 map

Precinct 16 Republican Chair is Daniel Bobay